what is an example of a health system?

The definition of health systems is that of organisations or policies established to plan and provide health care to individuals. Health care insurance providers are examples of health systems. Hospitals, clinics and community health centres are examples of health systems. The information on this site should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or advice.

There are many health facilities that meet this definition in a wide variety of treatment specialties. The Dartmouth College Centre of Excellence defines a health system as an organisation consisting of at least one hospital plus at least one physician group or more than one physician group. National health insurance schemes also control costs by limiting the medical services they will pay for or by making patients wait to be seen. All citizens must have health insurance in Germany, which they purchase from private, not-for-profit funds.

These health facilities may be a doctor's private practice, a group practice setting, or a corporate-owned clinic that may be connected to a larger health system or hospital. To function, a health system must have at least one acute hospital and one organisation of physicians. However, Bismarck-type health insurance schemes have to cover everyone and do not make a profit. As you can see, health care represents a massive effort by many different professionals and organisations.

Specialised clinics and outpatient centres have sprung up to help ease the burden on hospitals, and more long-term care facilities are springing up to accommodate patients who need months or years of assisted healing. It is because private insurance companies in Switzerland are not allowed to make a profit on basic health care, which is a fairly comprehensive set of services. When the country established a new constitution in 1988, universal health care was one of its fundamental principles. Myths abound about what healthcare is really like in other countries, so let's go around the world to find out.

Yet, as the WHO rankings show, the French get an enormous amount of care for their money. Implicitly, nations must design and develop health systems according to their needs and resources, although the common elements in virtually all health systems are primary care and public health measures. Urgent care is a common option when children become ill, for example, and need immediate diagnosis or symptom relief.

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