what is a good health system?

A good system is one that is organised in a way that guarantees all its citizens timely care at the highest possible level; one that has the right programmes managed by competent professionals; one in which clinics provide preventive and curative care for the most common conditions - in other words, by exercising its responsibility to monitor, protect and improve public health, the federal government shapes the market environment for health care. Family medicine and primary care are the only entities responsible for the longitudinal continuum of care for the whole patient. We selected eight countries, representing a range of health care systems, and established a cluster by randomly assigning seeds. For any health system to achieve its goals, it will need to invest more in primary care.

Xiv This framework is based on the documented value of primary care in achieving better health outcomes, higher patient satisfaction and more efficient use of resources. Switzerland does a good job of combining conservative and progressive beliefs about healthcare systems into a workable model that provides world-class access and quality at a reasonable cost. Private insurers charge premiums on an actuarial basis when they first enrol a client, and subsequently increase premiums only according to age and not health status. The list of covered services in France is longer than in Australia, perhaps longer than in any other health system.

Tailoring evidence-based care to meet the needs and preferences of individual patients with complex health problems therefore remains an elusive goal. The availability of information, the establishment of private health expenditure accounts and other measures reflect a growing expectation that patients will drive changes in the system to improve quality, efficiency and effectiveness. These important exceptions to the general rule demonstrate that the systemic view is applicable to healthcare and could be a model for other healthcare organisations. They are experts in the science of healthcare, innovators in the constant pursuit of exceptional outcomes, and advocates of compassionate and caring care for all they serve.

They deliver superior quality of care on the measures that matter most to patients, and the system is much more dynamic and innovative. For example, most countries have a vaccination policy, supporting public health programmes in providing vaccines to promote health.

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