is the health sector growing?

The George Washington University's online MBA in Healthcare combines business and healthcare concepts in a rigorous, experiential programme. One of the most accessible, rewarding and fast-growing careers in ambulatory health care is that of emergency medical technician. Health statistics show that people living in countries with substandard healthcare systems tend to have poorer overall health and shorter lifespans compared to those living in countries with well-developed healthcare systems. Outpatient health services are often provided in ambulatory surgery centres, primary care clinics, community health centres, pharmacies or urgent care clinics.

More health workers will be needed to prevent, manage and treat the health problems associated with these chronic diseases. Another influence on the growth of the healthcare industry is medical advances and improvements in medicine and technology that are affecting the demand for healthcare services. For those interested in careers in healthcare and health management, jobs will continue to be plentiful. Other fast-growing healthcare careers include home health aide, diagnostic medical sonographer, occupational therapy assistant and physiotherapy assistant.

The healthcare sector is an excellent option for people who want to enjoy a generous and stable income. For almost 100 million people in this group, healthcare costs are high enough to push them into severe poverty. Speech therapists often work in hospitals or health centres to identify and treat speech and swallowing disorders. The situation is particularly acute in poor African countries, but health care statistics show that all is not well in developing countries as well.

Like outpatient care, outpatient health services provide patients with essential care without requiring them to stay overnight in a hospital or medical centre. For example, health care statistics reveal that the United States has the highest infant mortality rate and the lowest life expectancy among high-income nations, yet spends twice as much on health care per person. Now that you know which health and social care sectors are expected to grow the fastest and offer the best career and economic opportunities, let's look at the specific jobs that are expected to grow much faster than average.

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