Vita-Mix 4500 Turbo Blender – Helping You to Achieve Optimum Health

You can purchase a blender at various price points and for various purposes. A basic blender can be purchase for around $50 and an appliance such as this will do very well for mixing drinks and blending milkshakes. But, if you’re looking for something more robust that will chop ice, fruit and vegetables, the Vita-Mix 4500 is a far better choice. You need something durable and high powered and this product is it. It’s a commercial grade blender that is ideal for creating delicious smoothies and can also be used in place of a regular food processor – that’s how powerful it is.

The most common use for the Vita-Mix 4500 is to make smoothies. You just can’t make a good smoothie with a regular old $50 blender. And, a food processor doesn’t quite cut it either. When you’re looking to make a smoothie, you need a turbo blender like this one to create a smooth texture. What you’ll find with this appliance is that you’ll save a lot of time and effort. In fact you can throw in whole fruits and veggies (after washing, coring and peeling them of course) as well as leafy greens, and it will blend everything together into a lovely thick juice while maintaining all the nutrients of the foods. If you’re looking for make a lifestyle change or if you’ve already begun eating plant based whole foods in an effort to improve your health, you will very much appreciate a product like this to help you in your quest for optimum health.

As an alternative, many folks have adopted juicing into their health regimes and that may be a consideration for you too however, going that route causes a lot of wastage. With a juicer, the pulp is thrown away – what a waste when you can blend everything with a Vita-Mix 4500 and drink every vitamin, some of which you would otherwise throw in the garbage with a juicer.

This is not an inexpensive product, Vita-Mix 4500 blender will run you about $400 but it’s worth the investment. It will help you create smoothies that are just as good as the ones you buy at the mall from a vendor and support you in your journey towards better health eating plant based whole foods. In addition, it is backed by a 5 year warranty and the company has a great reputation for their service.