A Fun and Exciting Workout That Accelerates Weight Loss – Turbo Jam Fire

Cardio…cardio…cardio! It’s the famous word we hear from personal trainers and health nuts everywhere. Needless to say though, I think we all know how important that little word is when it comes to getting into tip-top shape. As a competitive bodybuilder, I’m all too familiar with the 5 am treks to the gym for an hour of morning cardio while still trying to shake off the yawns of exhaustion. But I’m here now to tell you now that my discovery of a new cardio training method has re-sparked my interest and has taken my boring, drab, uninteresting cardio to a whole new level! Now let me first off say here that I have NEVER been the type of guy to start my day by popping in a workout DVD and dancing around my living room while staring at a flat screen. The whole concept just seemed silly to me and I never really gave it a shot…until…I discovered Turbo Jam Fire.

While I prepared for a Men’s Physique show back in September, cardio routines were the most dreaded parts of my day. I knew every night that I’d be waking up in a few hours only to be stepping onto a boring treadmill or stair-master, and to be honest, it was taking its toll on me after the first 2 weeks. It wasn’t until my third week of preparation that my girlfriend at the time introduced me to a workout DVD that she had started following for her own fitness program. The thought of myself jumping around like a maniac in my studio in front of a television made me laugh and I shrugged it off. Fortunately, she was persistent and finally after much pressure, convinced me to give this work out a try.

Soon as I started up the DVD, the first thing that caught my attention was how catchy and great the music actually was. My interest piqued and I started to really get into the music, the moves, and before I knew it, I was completely immersed in the workout without a care in the world outside of the workout. The first 10 minutes made me break a sweat, and by the time the workout was up, I found myself engaging all major muscle groups, maintaining an elevated heart rate, it was muscle confusion at its best! The first workout hooked me, and I traded my old boring routines for Turbo Jam Fire for the next few weeks. Not only did I reach my goal of 7% body fat, my conditioning and physique were at their best! Clients and strangers would continually ask me what I did to stay so lean, and I was excited to share the Turbo Jam Fire experience with everyone I knew!

I made a huge realization through this experience. I’m a bodybuilder and I love to lift, and I love to do cardio that most people wouldn’t normally enjoy…but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t change up my routine and try something new and exciting for a change. After a few weeks, the same activities not only get boring, they stopped challenging me both mentally and physically. I found something new and exciting with Turbo Jam Fire, something that not only challenged me in ways I hadn’t been challenged before, but something that I actually enjoyed doing and looked forward to. Turbo Jam Fire is great for its hardcore intensity, music that will pump anyone up, and not to mention the fun-factor that keeps you interested day after day. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a little spice in their bland routines!